Kimberly Evans-Milak

Studio: Barrie, Ontario


Phone: 705-721-4729


Kim has been working with clay for over ten years. She creates these unique pieces by pressing various natural and man made objects into the clay and then free forming it. She often lets gravity guide the shapes that are created before firing them in the kiln. Most pieces are glazed by pouring or dipping into the fluid glaze but she has recently been experimenting with brush on glazes. The process often yields surprising results, especially when she overlaps colours. 

Mixed Media Artwork

This series of insects and shells was inspired by Kim’s friend who loved all things dragonflies. What began as acrylic paintings on canvas, evolved into using collage techniques to enhance the natural colours of these garden inhabitants. Once the outline of each subject was created, Kim searched through magazines to find a variety of colour swatches which were torn into pieces and adhered to the canvas using a gel medium. Several layers were often added until the desired texture was created.

Alcohol Ink Print Boxes

Kim’s most recent work includes experimenting with alcohol ink. Using a variety of vibrant coloured inks on Yupo paper, she allows the fluid movement of the medium guide the creative process. The focus of each print is finding colour combinations that accentuate the abstract imagery that appears. Once dried, origami techniques are used to create gift boxes in a variety of sizes.


Eco Printing

Using natural objects such as a variety of leaves and berries, Kim has been eco printing on silk and linen. These textiles can be used as scarves or table runners.