Deeni DeMedeiros, Artworx Glass Studio

Custom Handmade Glass Beads & Jewellery

My husband & I are the proud owners of Artworx Glass Studio.
We are a couple of creative self taught artisans that enjoy specializing in Dichroic Art Glass.

Dichroic's are where Creativity meets Science...

All of our pieces are made with glass that has Titanium Oxides & Quarts Crystal embedded in it... This causes the finished piece to sparkle, shimmer, glitter & shift in color. All of the colors are made up by the amount of titanium deposited on the glass.

When there is a pattern or design inside the piece, it is not something we just put in there like a decal…We are removing film to create the designs & patterns in our work…. it is all custom & not something that can be found elsewhere. Any imperfection is part of the process of making & only adds to the natural charm of the piece, we feel it makes the piece truly original.

We love to be challenged, it's how we continue to learn & grow, by pushing ourselves to create something entirely new & make our pieces as beautiful as we possibly can.

All of our pieces are handmade by us at our home in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Studio: Barrie, Ontario